Five Rims Lore & History

The Five Rims of Mt. Olympus are what is left after the explosion of a super massive volcano on Eclectia. The single or mother volcano was once one of the highest altitudes on Eclectia but the explosion and the collapsing in on itself has significantly flattened it. So while the diameter is still the largest of any of the volcanoes on Eclectia, it is nowhere near as tall as the other super massive volcanoes that still exist on Eclectia.

The Lore concerning this it that when the Founders came and settled around the single cone of Mt. Olympus, the Mother Rim despised them and the cities they built. In order to destroy the invaders she destroyed herself in a massive explosion that wiped out life in all directions for hundreds of miles. In her place grew her five daughters, the Five Rims that are now mined. Though the daughters can be irritable and moody at times, none of them carry the hatred or vindictiveness of the mother but rather have accepted the invaders from space as part of the scenery.

The Five Rims of Mt Olympus are distinguished from one another by colors, even though they are all roughly the same volcanic rock color and they all roughly spew out the same ratio of different colored diamonds. The colors are blue, yellow, black, green, and  red. Each Rim has it's own personality and nick name.

Blue Rim is fondly referred to as "Madame Bleu". No one remembers why the last two letters of Blue are switched except that perhaps it was a typo or early spelling error in the archives. Madame Bleu is by far the most favored because she sends up the the biggest, best and most diamonds of all Five Rims.

Black Rim is not hated because she also produces well. But she is more volatile and there has been more loss of life on her than on any of the other Rims. She's also referred to as the Black Widow and sometimes even Widow Maker.

Red Rim has developed the reputation of being fickle and changing her mind a lot. She gives the impression that she produces as much as her sisters, and sometimes she does. But miners come up empty handed more often on Red Rim than any of the others. She is often referred to as The Lady in Red.

Green Rim's rock formation is spectacular, even if it is all the same color. She's an average producer but an above average vista point and would make a great tourist location if not for the noxious gasses and earthquakes. Her nick name is Emerald City since the rock formations surrounding her give the impression of giant homes, castles, and even dwarf dwellings.

Yellow Rim is also an average producer. She is also pleasant in nature and the least violent of all the Rims, an excellent 'starter' volcano for mining trainees. She is referred to as The Yellow Rose of Texas even though no one living on Eclectia has any idea what a 'Texas' is.