Monday, July 18, 2011

What Is Flash Fiction?

I'm still learning.
But on Avenir Eclectia, the pieces can be anywhere between 150-400 words.
Also, I know that my children don't like flash fiction. I have them read my work before I send it in to see if it makes sense or there are spelling errors. 400 words is too short for them. They want a bit more to their stories. And that's a good thing.
But I'll tell you, I'm kind of enjoying reading the flash fiction from other contributors. Because I'm so busy, just a snippet of a story is better than no story at all.

So, flash fiction is a way to get a bit of a creative story into your fast paced life, a life just a little too busy for a full length novel at this time.

It is also a good way for an over-worked, frustrated novel writer to still work on fiction to sharpen her skills for the time to come when she's not quite so busy and she can actually work on that novel.

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