Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Thing About Avenir Eclectia

Grace and I have been emailing a bit back and forth about the direction of Avenir Eclectia and, to me at least, it's exciting. For those new to my blog and to flash fiction, Avenir Eclectia is a "Multi-author, Microfiction Adventure" in the Speculative genre. To find it, go to my blog roll and click on the link. Then for an extra treat, watch the video trailer concerning it there.

The thing about Avenir Eclectia is that it came into my life at the exact right time. My writing was stagnant. I had received average scores from ACFW's Genesis contest and, though I appreciated the honesty of the judges and was glad that I didn't get bad scores, somehow getting only average scores quietly took the wind out of my sails.

I've been working on my craft for years, learning everything that I could and had hoped for a little better scores after so much work. But here lately, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not a contest writer. There will always be someone who can polish better than me. And in fact, for me, contests curtail my creativity rather than stimulate it. There are so many things they ding you for that you are not walking on sunshine, you are walking on eggshells. And I'm a terrible eggshell walker.

Anyway, back to Avenir Eclectia. It came at the right time. I needed something to work on in short bursts since my schedule had become crazy busy. I needed something that inspired my creativity, which the story world of Avenir Eclectia truly does. Volcanoes, bugs, a space station, a nearby planet ripped in two, beautiful aquatic life. What a wonderful place to play and to forget about contest scores. You can just let creativity be king, queen, and court jester rather than letting eggshells rule the day.

Other people of other genres could learn from Avenir Eclectia, like Romance writers or Western writers. Someone could come up with a story world, put it on a blog, and discouraged writers could work on their writing skills and have short term successes and interaction with other authors and readers to encourage them on to bigger and better projects.

So that's the thing about Avenir Eclectia. It's a fun place to play and a good resource for letting your muse out of the eggshell closet.


  1. Hear, hear. The whole concept of Avenir Eclectia is great--like someone built a fantastic playground just for writers. I love it! : )
    It came at a god time for me, too. I had published only a few things in my 'career', and those had been a long time back. AE encouraged me to get back into writing for publication and to start getting my name out there. Not to mention, it's been just plain fun!

  2. And it's so cool to have you with us! I'm amazed at how the thing has grown. Scheduled story number 100 the other day...