Sunday, November 27, 2011

Three New Blogs Added to Blog List

For those interested in writing for Avenir Eclectia, there is a place with much info concerning this shared universe. The blog is called "Inside Avenir Eclectia" and hosted by Grace Bridges, founder of the Avenir Eclectia story world.

Through my friend, Walt, I found "Rocket Science for the Rest of Us" hosted by Karina Fabian. Okay, I admit it. I have it in my blog roll for my own sake because I'M interested in space and rocket science. Walt is doing a smash up job giving an eye witness to the space race starting in the fifties.

The third and final addition is "Travis's Big Idea". Hey, I listen to anyone who can help me get my mind around dimensions that the human mind cannot naturally detect. He is also in my list so I can find him faster. Anyone else who wants to tag along can enjoy the benefit. Also, Travis is a fellow AE author exploring ideas and pushing creativity in Grace's playground for speculative writers.

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